What is The Tether?


The Tether – Vertebral Body Tethering is a new treatment option available to patients with scoliosis. It is the first FDA approved Vertebral Body Tethering system!

The Tether uses a strong, flexible cord and your natural growth to straighten out the spine. The Tether’s strong, flexible cord allows your spine to continue bending and flexing even after treatment. The Tether is the only medical device available that treats scoliosis while a person is actively growing and uses his or her own growth to repair the curve. The Tether is almost like an “internal brace” for your spine. It puts pressure on the outside of the curve, allowing the inside of the curve to continue growing. This is what straightens out the spine.

The Tether consists of 3 main parts:

  • The Anchor helps hold the implant in place. Think of this as your foundation.
  • The Implant is placed inside the anchor and into your vertebrae. The implant will hold onto the cord.
  • The Cord ties all the implants together and applies pressure to your curve, helping to straighten your scoliosis.