General FAQs

How do I find a surgeon near me?

You can find a list of qualified Tether surgeons by using our Surgeon Locator:

What is the post-op recovery period?

Most patients spend one day in an intensive care unit and four more days in the hospital. Pain medication is prescribed when you leave the hospital but most patients find they only need this for a week or two. These recovery times depend on how well you do during surgery and whether or not you have complications. Ask your doctor about the appropriate recovery period for you.

How active can I be after surgery?

As long as you are healing well, it is possible that you can go back to physical activity and playing sports in four weeks with your doctor’s permission. Before returning to these activities, it is important to consult with your doctor to make sure this is appropriate as everyone recovers differently. Your doctor will tell you what types of exercise and sports you can play and when you can start. You should pace yourself with resuming activities as you feel better and refrain from strenuous activity until your doctor clears you for that level of physical activity.

How soon can I return to school or work?

Most patients go back to school after two weeks. Your doctor will let you know when it is safe to do so.

What if I have pain after surgery?

Recovery from any surgery can be an uncomfortable process. Your doctor may prescribe medication for pain control. If you are concerned about your post-operative pain or have specific questions, inform your doctor

What if I have an adverse reaction to the implant materials after surgery?

Just as some people have adverse reactions to certain foods, some people may have a reaction to other materials like certain metals. If you are aware of any adverse or allergic reactions to Titanium alloy, it is important that you make sure your doctor is aware before surgery. If you believe you are having a reaction after surgery, you should inform your doctor immediately.

Can I walk through metal detectors or security with The Tether™ – Vertebral Body Tethering System?

Yes. You may walk through metal detectors or security scan with The Tether™ - Vertebral Body Tethering System. Implants made from Titanium alloy do not typically set off airport security. However, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules state, “TSA Security Officers will need to resolve all alarms associated with metal implants.” Always follow the medical advice of your doctors and specialists.