All About Keegan Cares and Me!

Hi! I’m Keegan and I love Broadway musicals, singing, dancing, and dogs! I’ve been in 20+ musicals and dogs have always been a part of my family. Actually I can’t imagine ever living without one.

I want to make a difference in dogs’ and kids’ lives in two ways. One is to provide therapy dogs for schools/hospitals and the other is to encourage kids to get checked for scoliosis. And, these two missions overlap!

I volunteer with Paws & Think in their ‘Paws to Read’ program so kids gain confidence in reading. I also test dogs to become therapy dogs and I’ve experienced first-hand how they help heal. When I was in the hospital for my spine surgery, therapy dogs’ visits helped me laugh and forget my pain.

Alerting preteens to ‘Get Checked’ for scoliosis is a main part of my Keegan Cares mission. The newly FDA approved VBT (vertebral body tethering) procedure is best done while a preteen is growing so time is of the essence if a kid needs surgery.

My purpose is to talk with schools, groups, and legislative people about the critical importance of spotting the signs of scoliosis. Contact me to talk with your organization.

Mission Statement

Keegan Cares Inc (KC) mission is to empower kids and dogs. KC raises funds with 'Care'danas to support which provides canine-assisted reading programs and therapy dog registration.

The KC mission also brings awareness to preteens of the signs of Scoliosis. KC encourages schools to screen 5th to 8th graders annually for scoliosis via the Adams Forward Bend Test and to look for the signs. As a 501(c)(3), Keegan Cares fundraises to provide informational flyers, and speaking engagements. Keegan Cares plans to lobby statehouse legislatures to mandate scoliosis screening in public schools.

Learn more about Keegan Care at

ZimVie is not an affiliate of Keegan Cares. However, we believe that our mission of improving patient lives and alleviating pain is accelerated when connecting patients to one another, allowing them to expand their knowledge of scoliosis and build a support network.

Therefore, we are proud to share these organizations which we believe promote the connectedness and education of patients with scoliosis.